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Are DevTrends videos free?

We provide two free videos per month to free members and Youtube subscribers. But we provide another two videos per month exclusively for Pro members.

What is DevTrends Pro?

DevTrends Pro is our membership plan that gives you access to our exclusive Pro videos. Plus, you can access our free videos a month earlier than everyone else as a Pro member.

What do I get in the free trial?

Our two-week free trial will give you access to a selection of exclusive Pro-only videos so you can get a taste of DevTrends Pro.


DevTrends is like getting an executive report about what's going on in the industry. The research is done for you and presented in brief and concise videos so you can decide if you want to dig deeper yourself or not.

I like DevTrends because I won't have to waste time looking into every new kid on the block, but I also know I won't miss out on any gold nuggets that show up from time to time.

Mehmet Bulut
Mehmet Bulut
Senior Web Developer