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Manage complex UI state with finite state machines

8 mins Posted March 29, 2021

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Why DevTrends?

Every day there are new developer tools and techniques that promise to make your apps better and your job easier.

How do they really work? Will they be important to learn? DevTrends does the research so you don't have to!

Track important topics

We keep our eyes out for the best new tools and techniques that you should know about.

Learn the key concepts

We figure out what's truly important about a topic and craft a concise explanation.

Fun & interesting videos

Our content is factual and high-quality but also fun and easy to watch.

Every video covers the most important aspects of each technology. Even as an experienced developer, I learned a number of things.

The concise nature of each video is great - long enough to be useful and short enough that I've got the time to watch them.

In a world where new technologies are released on a daily basis, having a single place that keeps me updated is invaluable!

Patrick Organ
Owner, Permafrost Dev

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About DevTrends

Anthony Gore

I'm Anthony Gore, and I'm a web developer from Sydney, Australia, and the founder of DevTrends.

I've been an online course creator and web development blogger since 2016. I'm a Vue Community Partner, curator of the weekly Vue.js Developers Newsletter, and the author of Full-Stack Vue 2 and Laravel 5.

I created DevTrends to give you easy-to-watch videos that cover the key ideas of trending new tools in a thorough yet concise way.

These videos are great and cover things most devs will have heard of but not had time to delve into.

Anthony does the work to let you stay on top of the ever-changing JavaScript ecosystem, so you don’t need to find the time to Google it all.

Dave Stewart
Dave Stewart
Lead Frontend Developer, Creator of Vuex Pathify


What topics do you cover?

Currently, our focus is on important web development tools and techniques.

How much will I learn about each topic?

Our aim is not to teach you a complete topic but to explain and demonstrate the key ideas and features.

How long are the videos?

Around 8-10 mins. This is roughly how long it takes to concisely cover the key ideas of a topic.

How frequently are videos released?

Two videos per month for our free members, four videos per month for our Pro members.

I have more questions...

Feel free to get in touch.

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